Dos Equis Guy Fired After Being Photographed Wearing Crocs

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Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico – A successful advertising campaign for Dos Equis beer was derailed today when it was announced that their “Most Interesting Man in the World” spokesman was let go after he was photographed wearing Crocs.

The guy, who is no doubt a handsome, debonair gentleman, was touted as “living vicariously through himself”, “having a personality so magnetic, he is unable to carry credit cards”, and “having blood that smells like cologne”, among other things. However, that façade came crashing down when he was photographed wearing Crocs as he was leaving Nobu in London. The faux pas may have gone unnoticed had the crocs not been bright orange and paired with his black tuxedo, but since they were, his employer felt obligated to take action.

At a press conference, the Dos Equis guy told reporters, “While I feel everything Dos Equis has said about me is true, I also prefer to be comfortable at the cost of fashion sometimes. I was very clear with them that the reason I was wearing the Crocs was because one of my feet was a little sore after I literally kicked through another man’s chest and his ribcage cut me. They had no sympathy for me and said I should have worn my Prada oxfords. Seriously, who would want to work for a company with no compassion?”

Though a little disheartened, the Dos Equis guy was also able to maintain a sense of realism about it, saying, “I suppose it was only a matter of time until this happened. If they hadn’t caught me doing this, I’m sure I would have been photographed riding one of my many mopeds or banging a fat chick sooner or later. Lord knows those are both a hell of a lot of fun until your friends, or in this case, your employer finds out [ed note: further checking found that both these activities were specifically forbidden in his contract]. I guess all I can say is, stay thirsty my friends.”

According to a high ranking source within the Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma Brewery, which brews Dos Equis, “A lot of us here at the brewery figured it would be tough for him to abide by the strict code of conduct we set forth, but with what we were paying him, he should have been able to do so. While this situation is regrettable, we feel that we were forced into it.”

There is still no word on whether Dos Equis will try to continue the campaign by crowning a new “Most Interesting Man in the World”, but many are speculating that the whole thing may be scrapped in order to avoid the embarrassment of another spokesperson making a very public mistake.

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  1. thats fucking lame I thought those were the funniest ads. the best in beer

  2. This is totally bullshit! If I were the one photographed wearing some Crocs I’d sure as hell start jacking off into each and every bottle of Dos Equis! I can guarantee someone out there will be drinking my jack off!

  3. Cool Ad/Story. :)

  4. rutherfoo, do you have any education?? You sound like a fucking retard

  5. Bobby you sound like a retard too for judging people.

    a shame the dos x dude got fired for somthing stupid like that

  6. The MIMITW ad campaign is LAME.

  7. I agree with Bobby. Frenchie – you could have kept your lame comment to yourself. Stay thirsty my friends.

  8. A brilliant decision to fire the Most Interesting Man in the World & someone should be fired for this! Wake up Dos X guys & smell the money. These commericials are GREAT. What a stupid reason to fire someone. Only the MIMITW could get away with wearing crocs with his tux. No one else could carry it off…maybe Cary Grant but he is deceased. I love these ads & the room gets quite when they are on. Bring back our classy, sexy, intriguing man & we will start to drink your beer again but until then…Corona.

  9. Bahira Azhar after reading this article i totally agree with what you have to say, I started drinking Dos X because of the commericials and considered it one of the most interesting tasting beers in the world. The Dos X guy is one of my heros in life, i emulate my life to his because i have lived it, been there done it. Until then i will go back to Bud Light.

  10. im with rutherfoo———-this is whaleshit——-

    look—heres the facts———the guy always looks like he hasnt had a decent shit in days or—————bitter beer face——–

    he dumped them——–he got caught drinking pilsner urquell——–hes sick of going on tv and living a lie and told them to fuck off—-

    im glad the story is finally out

  11. That is just crazy. Bright orange crocs make him even more interesting…………..I mean really with a tux? I like it

  12. This was published Aug 13th, 2009. And yet i am watching a brand new commercial with him. this was a great joke though!

  13. Can’t tell if joking, or just a stupid story.

  14. If they fire him . I will no longer drink Dos Equis .
    It is an outrage . The world will end because of this Travisty .
    Just Kidding . No seriously . It will .

  15. Wow, just wow! I can’t figure out which one of you is the stupidest! ( I mean except for mithun dalal, kyle, kaze). You people are the reason why we go to war with Iraq, and arrested development gets cancelled!

  16. Bad move on their part

  17. I think the Dos Equis guy is cool too bad he was wearing Crocs at the wrong time …kinda like fuckin a fat chick or riding a moped …its all fun to till your friends see you on them ..haha

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