Kmart Sues Rain Man for Slander Over “Kmart Sucks!” Comment

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Hoffman Estates, IL – In what is sure to become a very high profile case, Kmart, a subsidiary of the Sears Holding Corporation, has filed a lawsuit against Raymond “Rain Man” Babbitt.

The company claims that after “Rain Man”, the 1988 documentary film about Babbit’s life in which he uttered the words “Kmart sucks”, their stock and sales headed into a downward spiral. They claim this spiral resulted in a loss of revenue, continually poor stock performance, the closure of many of its retail stores, and its eventual takeover by Sears Holding Corporation.

A Kmart employee, who wished to remain anonymous, said, “Our founder, Sebastian S. Kresge would have rolled over in his grave if he would have heard all the offensive things that window licker said about the company he [Kresge] worked so hard to build.”

As stated in the lawsuit filed last Friday by the firm Bendini, Lambert and Locke, acting attorney Mitch McDeere said, “Raymond Babbitt slandered Kmart locally, nationally and worldwide when he uttered those now famous words and our company’s performance has suffered ever since.”

Protests outside the Walbrook Hospital where Babbitt resides remained relatively peaceful as laid-off former Kmart employees gathered carrying signs that read “Raymond is a Card Counter” and “Who’s on first?”. However, things escalated slightly when patients at the hospital started chanting “Hot water burn baby!” and hurling smoke detectors at the crowd of former employees.

Raymond Babbitt was not available for comment because he was out driving slow on the driveway. However, his representative, who wished only to be referred to as “Vern” had this prepared statement: “Raymond, who only heard about this frivolous lawsuit on 97X, BAM!! The Future of Rock and Roll, feels he definitely is not at fault for the substandard quality in Kmart’s products over the years and plans to file a counter suit. Furthermore, Raymond would like to go on record and say that he only buys his size 32 Hanes boxer shorts from the Kmart located at 400 Oak St. in Cincinnati.”

Vern also said that Mr. Babbitt will be recording this lawsuit in his red book as a “serious injury” and is looking forward to bringing his case before Wapner.

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  1. K-Mart just sucks, they didn’t need Rain Man to let people know! Great article Chad!

  2. Very proud of you Chad….getting to the bottom of the story. Now that is reporting!

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  4. Yes they do suck! Go anywhere (walmart, target, beds bath, sams) anywhere but Kmart. The workers are lazy, the supervisers just make excusses and are lazy themselves. If you order something online from these idiots good luck getting it! Oh you may get a package from them, one that you didnt order! then when you try to get the right package they will have some bull shit story why you cant get it now.

    (((((((((((( KMART SUCKS))))))))))))))))))(((((((((((((((((KMART SUCKS))))))))))))))))))))))(((((((((((((KMART SUCKS

  5. I almost believed this until it said Sears took over Kmart. It was actually Kmart that bought Sears. Research this you know it to be true.

  6. SEARS sucks BIG TIME! K-mart SUCKS! Now both sucks. SEARS window installation scammed me for $500. SEARS lied to me, then scammed me. Today tried to buy stuff at K-mart. Had to wait one couple 7 minutes by the cash register who were cashing in some strange shopping cards. The entire K-mart only one cash register open! No excuses! I abandoned my cart. Never again K-mart nor Sears! Entire customer service in USA sucks. Fogging Third World country.

  7. Kmart just plan sucks, they are rude and incapable of good customer service. Yeah, I believe Kresge is rolling in his grave seeing what has happened to his company. I remember going to the Kresge grill every weekend and now Sears and Kmart just suck.

  8. Yes kmart does suck i work there 2 years they hired new guys for the exmas and started them out makeing more money thanx me and all Of them ask man what do i do just Hows to show ya If your dumber you are the more money you make at kmart Yea kmart sucks

  9. I didn’t used to think Kmart Sucks. Both my husband and I used to work for the company, my husband worked there for over 35 years. But towards the end they cut his hours, gave him more responsibility and then “wrote him up” for not being able to complete his tasks. Other long term employees complained of the same. Surely trying to weed out the ones who “made a lot of money” lol Stressed him out so bad he took early retirement. But now every time our paltry pension check comes in the mail from them I rejoice and say… heh, yeah…. “Kmart Sucks”

  10. I worked for Kmart for only three months but it was horrible. Other cashiers called out all the time and half the time I was the only one on register in the morning. Customers would always take it out on me, though a few people who had been cashiers before were sympathetic. They don’t train their employees very well now either. I was always confused because they never told me the important stuff and I had never even worked a register! When a customer had an issue one manager would tell me to do one thing, but then another manager would yell at me for doing it. When I needed a manager, I would call for one and sometimes no one would even come.Just before I quit they put this stupid thing on the card machines that will not go away until the customer looks at it and answers, it slowed down the long lines even more. And don’t get me started on shop your way rewards cards. The managers nagged me to death to make people signed up when it doesn’t even really benefit the customers! They told me I was asking them all wrong, that I should just go to the sign up screen and ask for their name. I am not going to force that upon people, especially since I would not want people to do that to me. Plus the other cashiers were very messy there, I always had to clean up the registers because I couldn’t function otherwise, but the very next day it would be a wreck or the people who are suppose to stock the registers with bags don’t so I would always be getting the bags too. The worst job I ever had. No wonder the smart people quit only after a few months! M e and three other girls all started and quit around the same time for the same bull crap. So I warn you, stay away from Kmart!

  11. This is indeed the worst place to shop and work for!!! I was hired this past holiday season at the West Covina store and felt totally out of place and uncomfortable with most of the people I worked with since day one. To begin with, no one bothered to even properly train you or make you aware of certain store rules such as being held hostage after your shift has ended to help others who were not done with their work, while the permanent employees simply clocked out without being told anything by the manager. Permanent employees lived to micromanage and pawn off their work on the new seasonals and call it “teamwork”. Ha! Team work my a**!!! There was nothing but drama and gossip even from old ladies. Eric, a particular manager, had favorites and straight lied and wrote people up for “walking out” even though their shift had ended and were not asked to stay extra. I actually saw employees ignore customers questions or never come back and help a customer keeping them waiting for a while in the shoe department. And forget trying to call this store on the phone…you might be waiting for 45 minutes for a manager to help you. The worst piece of sh*t job I’ve ever had!! Goodbye and good riddance, Kmart, YOU SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. kmart SUX


    I’m just warning people not to shop at kmart because of my horrible online shopping experience. Don’t be another Kmart victim.

    My first experience shopping online with KMART. I ordered a pair of jeans and a t-shirt online. Instead I recieved a pair of marvel comic swim trunks. Called costomer service to have it returned. They’ve been telling me UPS will pick it up. It has been 2 weeks and 4 calls to kmart and now they tell me that there is no option for Hawaii on the UPS website. THEY LIE I went to UPS website and hawaii is on there. Lairs.

    I also made the mistake of reorering the same products. I GOT THE WRONG ORDER AGAIN. instead of the jeans and t-shirt they sent me two swim trunks instead of one. Its like a sick joke with them. Now i’m $120 short and I have two packages I have to fight to return.

  14. Kmart in Australia is different in products.I’ve worked there since 2008.There’s a new kmart way.All colorful clothes.Google kmart Australia,cheak it out.But as a staff member,I feel certain managers don’t like me and don’t train me well enough.They always find something wrong that they know I can’t prove.It’s there word against mine.Yes it’s unfair.I’ll see how I go.

  15. This might’ve been a good lawsuit, but KMart does suck! It is September 2012. If they survive to this time next year I will be so surprised. KMart, JCPenney and Sears are on the way out. Bye Bye.

  16. K Mart has this big store in Torrance CA with more employees than customers. Yet I had to wait in in the single open register for this rude, rubber necking cashier with long, nasty fingernails. After 10 minutes, I dropped my purchase and walked out. In a couple days, my item might be returned to the shelf. This store will very soon be closed and she’ll be collecting unemployment.

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  18. Interesting. Here we are, 2013. And yet the article is still incorrect. Ray didn’t not say “KMART sucks”. Charlie did. Lol

  19. Last I heard, Raymond was living in a group home and working as a clerk at K-Mart in South Bend, Indiana, where he was getting a 10 percent discount on boxer shorts. This was to be the plot in Rain Man 2, which never got to the planning stages.

  20. Recently found this. Hilarious example of how much Kmart sucks:

  21. Obviously this page is destined for ignorant imbeciles to land up on. If you actually are nice to the damn employees you wouldn’t have a problem. Kmart offers way better Customer Service than Target or Walmart. Trying walking into a WalMart and getting quality customer service. There are never any lanes open and lines are always jammed up. Your ice cream is melted before you even leave the store. When you do find lane to go down it is controlled by a 64 year old grandma or grandpa who was not properly taught on how to work the register. WalMart cares about profit. They don’t care if you come back. Customers only go there because they know WalMart has a better chance of having a product. The store I worked at never had any problems with Ship to Store or, more recently, Ship to Home. And if you ever have problems with the management it is because you don’t work well and are not efficient. You all don’t understand customer service and how hard it is! That is why Walmart has 100+ employees who are never trained in well. Kmart takes the time to train theirs in. They always put customers first. To serve, delight, and engage members while they ship their way.

  22. i almost want to cry telling you how long i still work there….. kmart is for gang members who want to reform. you will never see a white american shopping there. i work for kmart in California. my years employed there i have seen 1 manager rape 2 girls, and he only got fired. 1 manager pulled a switch blade on a female clerical behind closed doors, and the admin ops said he was a good manager because he held associates accountable for their mistakes. my advice to you family shoppers please dont bring your kids there to shop. its crappy stuff …. like dora explorere…. joe boxer….. all their shelves are empty, the price isnt worth the cheap stuff they sell. every time a CEO gets let go….notice its right after he’s bought hmself a mansion. associates get no bonus, no incentives, they’re safety meals are hanbergers that mgnt cooks themselves. and the week of the assiciate luncheon, they’re asking associates if htey wnat time off becuase its slow…. because they want to save money…… kmart needs to be exposed.

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