Dr. Jon Marshall Lends Endorsement to New Hydroxycut “Snake Oil”

By • Jan 16th, 2009 • Section: Television


Chicago, IL – Dr. Jon Marshall made some waves in the nutritional supplement industry today when he became the first medical professional to endorse the new Hydroxycut product, “Snake Oil”.

Marshall, who is a graduate of Midwestern University’s Osteopathic Medicine program, first gained popularity when, in his residency, he appeared in a television commercial for Hydroxycut and endorsed it as both a doctor and consumer of the product.  Now, he’s decided to partner up with Hydroxycut once again as their new product “Snake Oil” is expected to take the nutritional supplement world by storm.

In a new commercial that is set to begin airing in February 2009, Marshall tells the viewers, “Like most doctors, I was really bummed out when ephedra was banned.  I mean, that shit was badass and the results were unquestionable. It was a dark time in the supplement industry after the ban.  However, one company that continues to rise from ashes of the ephedra ban is Hydroxycut, who have just separated themselves even further from the pack with the release of ‘Snake Oil’.  It’s the real deal, and I’m so sure of this that I’m including a small phonebook in its packaging that lists all the veterinarians in your area, because after training for a few weeks with the energy ‘Snake Oil’ gives to you, your pythons are gonna be siiiiiiiiiiiick.”

Marshall also went on to say, “The world as we know it has changed.  This stuff delivers ephedra-like results but is tame enough that it won’t be banned by the pussy ass liberals who are now running the show in Washington.   Trust me, this shit works.  Just two teaspoons of it and you’ll be sprinting to the gym so that you can just hammer your lats for two or three hours.”

“Snake Oil” will be marketed along side Hydroxycut’s other products: Hydroxycut hardcore, Hydroxycut max!, Hydroxycut 24, and caffeine free Hydroxycut.

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  1. Is this real? Where did you get this info? What kind of doctor would say “that shit was badass”?!!

  2. The guy’s an idiot

  3. Jon Marshall is a complete assclown, but the product itself might be worth looking into.

  4. I went to High School with this guy. He is actually a great guy (not an assclown). He was smart enough to make a good chunk of change by doing this. But hey, you’re right… Damn him for success!

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